Saturday, January 10, 2009

a little more clapton...

so i know we just had some clapton on here a couple of months ago, but i came across this cover of "i shot the sheriff" and had to post it because it reminded me why i think clapton is so good: 

you look at him (especially in this particular video) and he looks so everyday, kind of nerdy even... he reminds me of what a floor manager at best buy would look like on vacation--white sneakers, khaki shorts, big, short-sleeved button-down.  

but then he just rips his guitar to shreds... in a way unlike anyone else.  i mention the way he looks because it's apparent that he doesn't need to enact an image to capture his audience like a lot of musicians do.  and not to diminish visual appearance as rock expression (because music has many visual counterparts to it), but, in clapton's case, he's just a relatively non-descript-looking dude who just lays down some serious jam here.  

hope you like the video now that i've said my piece.  thanks for reading all that.


Anonymous said...

hayes... i love your blog. I also love your brothers's blog. hope you're doing well.
P.S. Phish at Alpine Valley in late June, book it, done

your friend, Will

Dan Hayes said...

pat. good point. weird how image affects one's perception of tunes. nerds forever!

DreamPipe said...


I've got to share an artist with you I just discovered. Lykki Li. She's like sweedish or something, hot. Anyway, there's a new blogotheque video of her and her band doing an acoustic performance and it's pretty whoa. Check it out, the song is called Dance, Dance, Dance and the video is on V Moon's site La Bogotheque. Your dudeguybro, Will